New Business Ventures

Entrepreneurship and New Businesses Creation is essential for moving the national and global economy forward. Technological innovation is primarily a function of entrepreneural behavior backed by sufficient investment financing and managerial guiding.

That’s why it is critical to provide and support platform and channels where entrepreneurs and financial angels can meet, share and match their business ideas.

Entrepreneurs need to communicate and convince business partners and financiers that their products or services have corresponding market potential. Only then they will get investment support for building value chain resources and operational systems and build managerial capabilities and structure.

Companies which seek research and development partnerships can do so using WBW network platform, where frequent opportunities may emerge related to outsourcing or in-sourcing R&D activities for new product development.

Outsourcing R&D activities may give companies greater flexibility and economies of scope, when exploiting an R&D destination with much lower cost base on one hand and with high technological and knowledge capacity on the other. An innovation centre and an R&D hub placed on a strategic geographical spot can greatly enhance a firm’s capability to innovate its product portfolio pipeline quickly, and retain flexibility for local markets adaptation or standardization.

In-sourcing R&D activities can provide small innovative and research based companies with the strategic opportunity to partner with other companies whether small or big, thus leveraging their technological and business expertise on a global scale.